Friday, March 21, 2008

video projects; directed and styled by kaitkaboom

For the longest time I have wanted to experiment with video and film but never had the opportunity to try it out. I was enrolled in a Electronic Media course at the University but then plans changed and I moved to Banff to work at the Banff New Media Institute. After coming up with some basic concepts and meeting some fantastic people previously involved in the film industry I was ready to venture out into video. I bought my first video camera in November 2007 and I was hooked instantly. Finally, I could create all of these mini-movies I had running through my head. The visualizations I saw when listening to certain songs; I could make my own music video. It was a very exciting realization. I installed Final Cut Pro HD and iMovie on my computer and was ready to start putting my ideas in to action.

I have always been fascinated by found photography and old film footage and it has often become the subject of a lot of my personal work. Since I was living in Banff and always searching for vintage Banff tourism paraphernalia, I decided to create some faux vintage home movies featuring some of Banff's hot spots.

This little faux-vintage home movie was directed by KaitKaBOOM and filmed at the Banff Upper Hot Springs! Some great characters make cameo appearances!!!
This was shown at the Midway @ High Performance Rodeo, January 10-12.

Another member of the Lonely Hearts Club passes the time by stroking her ukulele, smoking a cigarette, and pondering her life.

Description: Meet Shelley, Linda, Roger, Peter, and Tex.
Shelley is a tough redhead who likes superslim cigarettes, stiletto heels, and fast men.
Linda is a daydreamy strawberry blonde who prefers Patsy Cline over Whitesnake, grapes over raisins, and a sweet Shirley Temple.
Roger works on the rigs and goes home every night with a new woman. However, Shelley and him have been together for over 2 years.
Peter is an inventor. He likes long walks down the street, Ovaltine, and freshbaked bread.
Tex is your typical cowpoke. He loves a good Stetson, a cold beer, and rare steak.
The year is 1980. The place is Banff, Canada and every night out is an adventure for them.

All of these films were featured in the BANFFTASTIC! group show at The Other Gallery, The Banff Centre.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My new obsession:

i've been submitting my lo-fi Diana+ medium format photography to it is seriously addicting!