Tuesday, December 25, 2007

kaitkaboom custom aprons + slips + clothing

'buddy holly' vintage painted slip
'housework is evil! it must be stopped!' vintage naughty housewife apron
'i don't actually cook. this apron is just for decoration' vintage naughty housewife apron
'i taste so good - you'll want the recipe' vintage naughty housewife apron
'gone to hell in a handbasket' vintage housewife apron
'guns' vintage blouse
'dont you wish you were as perfect as me' naughty housewife apron
'good bitch/bad bitch' reversable naughty housewife apron
'dont be such an ass - its your tuen to make dinner!' naughty housewife apron
'ive got you in my web' vintage naughty housewife apron
'if you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen' vintage naughty housewife apron
vintage painted skull slip
starr the horse vintage painted slip
kaitkaboom vintage naughty housewife aprons
'this girl can't cook' naughty housewife apron
' i plead insanity' naughty housewife apron
rack of kaitkaboom wearable art
vintage cherries slip
le tigre vintage painted slip
martini vintage painted slip
glamourous panther vintage painted slip

Monday, December 10, 2007

rocketships! by kaitkaBOOM

i made these BLASTOFF shoes for Fathers Day earlier in the year.
i made this custom painted KaitKaBOOM suitcase for my good friend Sean Stewart who DJ's at all of the Kitschykoo! Events! Now he has something to carry all of his gear in to gigs!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

kaitkaBOOM art cupkakes!

KaitKaBOOM art cupkakes!
In the meantime, enjoy some of the cupcakes I've been making lately for various events!
xo KaitKaBOOM

gluten-free chocolate cupcakes with mint green icing and vintage baby deer and pinecone cake toppers.
vintage blue ballerina cake topper and silver candy balls.
gluten-free vanilla cupcakes with pink icing and hawaiian parasols.gluten-free pink cake with hot pink creamcheese icing and metallic turquoise candy balls.